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Funding: The Top Five French EdTech Startups

For a complete overview about the French EdTech Market checkout our EdTech Startup List France.

With La French EdTech challenging the UK and Germany for the top spot in European EdTech, we sifted through our data and compiled this list of the top 5 best funded French edtech startups for you.

Up to now La French Tech as a whole is especially known for its affinity to e-commerce and B2B solutions. The latter is also true when it comes to investments in French edtech startups as all five on our list are positioned in the B2B space.

Beekast | €2.7 million

Vertical: Corporate Training, Higher Education | B2B
Founded: 2015
HQ: Paris
Investors: ISources, Paris Business Angels, Val’Angels

Beekast is a Parisian startup that offers an interactive mobile platform for events, meetings and training sessions. With the product, lectures can become more interactive with added live quizzes and options for discussion.

Gutenberg Technology | €5 million

Vertical: Higher Education | B2B
Founded: 2010
HQ: Montreuil
Investors: BNP Paribas

Gutenberg Technology provides educational publishers with technology to transform their content into digital solutions.

Founded in 2010 the startup already made two acquisitions itself, one in 2014 and one in 2015.

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Why didn’t we mention Openclassrooms you might wonder? The company is not officially listed in our Top 5 since it was founded in 1999, and thus it is not technically a startup anymore.

But of course, we have to give them a mention as it is one of the best known French EdTech startups and the team has attracted a decent amount of funding.

Openclassrooms | €8.2 million

Vertical: Corporate Training, Lifelong Learning | B2C
Founded: 1999
HQ: Paris
Investors: BPI, Citizen Capital, Xavier Niel, Alven Capital

Based in Paris, Openclassrooms offers various online courses, mainly in the fields of web development, business and design. The company claims to have over 1 million members and 3 million monthly visitors. You can find a more detailed description of their activities and targets in our EdTech Startup Profile of Openclassrooms and various EDBRIEFs.

This Top 5 List is based on data from our
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Kirsten Winkler

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Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST.