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TES Labs connects Teachers with EdTech Startups for Product Development

TES Global announced the launch of TES Labs, a new online community that aims to connect its over six million registered teachers with edtech startups to work on new products together.

Through TES Labs teachers will be able to share their ideas and experience with education technology entrepreneurs with the goal to create better products and services for the classroom.

At launch nine edtech startups from the UK-based Emerge Education and US-based Education Design Studio incubators are participating. The startups will be able to ask for feedback from teachers through short surveys that are automatically matched with relevant educators from TES Global’s database.

“We believe that there is a missing link in the development of education technology. Many edtech start-ups fail to gain traction for one key reason – they don’t ask teachers what they think. TES Labs is a place where start-ups can completely engage with their most important audience, teachers, and ask for their honest opinions. As a result, not only will start-ups save time, but they will be able to focus on the real value of what they are building – while teachers will have a hand in the development of products that they really want to use.”

states Louise Rogers, CEO of TES Global in the press release.


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