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Tech City UK launches Digital Business Academy for Startup Skills

Tech City UK, a publicly funded body that advocates entrepreneurship in the UK and supports the East London Tech cluster, launched a free online course platform for those who are interested in founding or joining a digital business.

The Digital Business Academy is launched in partnership with University College London (UCL), which also provides the online learning platform, Cambridge University Judge Business School and Founder Centric.

At launch eight online courses are available for learners based in the UK. The topics range from sizing up an idea to business plans, marketing and finance. Each course takes between three to six weeks to finish and features the usual MOOC-mix of video lectures, reading assignments and exercises.

The Digital Business Academy is funded with £400.000 in public money which translates to about a year of operation. The project is launched in beta and will evolve based on the feedback of the learners and London’s vibrant tech community.

There have been over 1.000 registrations in the six weeks prior to the official launch last month. Successful learners will have access to different rewards offered by partners of the Digital Business Academy. These rewards include free co-working space, fast track to internships, mentorship and further training from other providers. Partners include Microsoft Ventures, Codecademy, O2 and TechStars.

via TechCrunch


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