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Startup Profile: Stuvia

Name: Stuvia
Website: www.stuvia.com
Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Vertical: Higher Education
Tech: Web App

Entrepreneurship in the higher education market in the Netherlands is thriving. Today’s EDUKWEST Startup Profile features Stuvia, a marketplace for study resources with currently more than 200.000 users across Europe.

Marketplaces for sharing and selling study notes seem to be equally popular and rapidly growing both in Europe and the US alike, one most prominent to date probably being Notehall before it got acquired by juggernaut Chegg in 2011. It shouldn’t be left out that there was some controversy around the legality of selling notes to peers before the acquisition took place, and still today Chegg hasn’t made use of the Notehall assets it seems.

That aside, if we take a look at Flashnotes.com’s rapid growth through acquiring smaller competitors or Course Hero’s $15 million Series A the popularity of and the demand for such marketplaces remains strong.

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