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Startup Profile: Coursio

Name: Coursio
Website: www.coursio.com
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Vertical: Lifelong Learning, Continuing Education
Tech: Web App

Freelancers or solopreneurs in the tech, creative, arts and language space are increasingly interested in creating and selling online courses as an additional revenue stream. Marketplaces like Udemy offer the advantage of a global audience of potential customers, but can also be quite competitive and costly in terms of revenue share.

Swedish edtech startup Coursio offers course creators all the tools they need to create and sell online courses that work on any modern device without the need to join a centralized marketplace.

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Cursopedia – Why European Clones are Inevitable

If you are writing about the global startup scene you often come across the notion that all of the innovation happens to take place in the US whereas Europe, especially Germany, is going to clone the successful concepts, build a local version and hope that one day the US company is going to acquire its European clone in order to get its foothold on the other side of the pond.

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