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Nominate EDUKWEST Europe for the .eu Web Awards

EDUKWEST Europe fetes its second birthday this summer. We are happy that many of you find our accelerated coverage of European EdTech, in addition to “big sister” EDUKWEST, worth a read.

This year, we decided to test our standing and partake in the eu Web Awards 2015. If you would like to support us in the competition, you can nominate EDUKWEST Europe at the awards. The top three entries with the most nominations will have the chance to win a price in November. The nomination period closes on September 1st.

In order to nominate EDUKWEST Europe, follow the four-step-process below

  1. Go to http://webawards.eurid.eu/
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to “Submit your Nomination now”
  3. Fill in the form (name, email, phone number) and enter www.edukwest.eu as “Your Website” and choose “THE HOUSE OF .EU” as category
  4. Hit “Submit your Website”

Thank you very much in advance for your continued support, and I will keep you updated on the selection process.


When I started EDUKWEST in August 2009 I always had the goal to cover global trends in education technology. Of course due to a better funding and startup support ecosystem the US often took the mainstage in our coverage.

Sure, there have been highlights like Mendeley, busuu and babbel.com that were able to make a global impact in terms of user adoption, innovation and ability to raise money but in general the European edtech space was not really that exciting.

But something has changed in the European education startup scene. Over the past couple of months, maybe six to eight, I noticed that not only new startups are popping up again but also that the ecosystem seems to get a boost through events like Startup Weekend, Edtech Europe or investors and incubators like Macmillan Digital Education / Digital Science and Edxus Group.

Therefore I decided to launch EDUKWEST Europe. True to our mission statement “on the search for better education” we are going to dig ourselves into the European Education startup scene, trying to find the most promising players early on.

Also true to the European Union, this blog is going to feature articles in multiple languages. For the launch we are going to concentrate on English, French and German but more languages are going to be added over time.

Needless to say, I am pretty excited about this new blog and to cover the European EdTech startup scene in closer detail from now on. Of course, EDUKWEST is going to stay and cover the rest of the globe.