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Fact Sheet: K-12 is Europe’s Hottest EdTech Vertical

2016 has been a very good year for Europe’s K-12 edtech startup scene.

In terms of attracting investment it managed to leave Higher Education and Language Learning, the leaders of previous years when it came to attracting funding, far behind this time. Continue reading Fact Sheet: K-12 is Europe’s Hottest EdTech Vertical

EdTech Startup List: Netherlands

For this new EDUKWEST Europe Startup List we mapped 58 EdTech startups that innovate in the education landscape in the Netherlands.

Among these 58 startups 12 have secured funding to the tune of €8.5 million.

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EdTech Startup List: Spain

For this Startup List let us start with the bad news first. EdTech is not playing an as important role in Spain as it does in some other markets in Europe. EdTech lags far behind verticals like ecommerce, leisure and travel.

On the other hand this means that the Spanish EdTech market is a market that still bears lots of potential to grow and improve. And keep in mind that these startups are prone to quickly expand into EdTech markets in South America, a strong region for growth.

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EdTech Startup List: UK

[Updated: 03/2017]

Thanks to access to numerous accelerator programs, angel investors, venture capital and an overall founder-friendly ecosystem the UK is one of the leading technology hubs in Europe. Naturally, edtech startups are attracted to the UK market which is also often used as stepping stone to the even larger US edtech market.

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