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EDBRIEF: sofatutor partners with German Bookstore Thalia

Berlin-based educational video platform sofatutor launched a new product line that will be available at Thalia bookstores across Germany. According to founder and CEO Stephan Bayer, sofatutor aims to reach new audiences at a location where they are already looking for educational content.

The sofatutor “Lernbox” is especially designed for customers in bookstores as they don’t need to choose a specific subject matter or grade but get access to the entire sofatutor video library.

While sofatutor’s Lernbox is certainly a first for the academic tuition market, language learning providers like Rosetta Stone, TellMeMore and Livemocha (which have been acquired by RS) have been offering their products in bookstores for years.

Founded in 2008, sofatutor has over 100.000 users in German speaking countries. The online portal offers over 13.000 video lessons, covering subject matters from first grade to the Abitur (German university entrance qualification). sofatutor users also have access to online chats with experts or weekly 101 tuition with a private tutor.

Last year, the startup raised a €3.5 million round led by German publishing house Cornelsen. sofatutor also has a partnership with German publisher Klett which integrates the videos in its product line of learning materials.

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