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HEDLINE: Quipper acquired for $39 million by Recruit Holdings

London-based Quipper has been acquired for $39 million by Japanese HR services company Recruit Holdings, reports e27. Founded in 2010 by Masa Watanabe, Quipper raised a total of around $10 million in venture capital.

Watanabe, who is also the co-founder of the very successful Japanese mobile social gaming company DeNA, set the company’s focus on Asian markets after pivoting from an earlier product around online quizzes. This resulted in a quick growth of Quipper’s user base in the region.

Indonesia showed the fastest growth with over 500.000 students and teachers signing up in the first six months after the official launch. At that date Quipper had a total of 1 million students worldwide.

The growth was driven by Quipper’s flagship product Quipper School, which enables educators to create educational content and track student performance.

Recruit Holding has a strong interest in the education market and already owns two products in the Japanese after school space. The acquisition provides a link between Recruit’s rapidly growing user base in the K-12 space and university test prep, states Mike Michalec, Managing Director of EdTech Asia.

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