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Pandacraft – EdTech Startup Profile

Name: Pandacraft
Headquarters: Paris, France
Vertical: K-12, Edutainment
Tech: Physical Product, Mobile App

Introduce your startup and give a short description of what you are doing.

Pandacraft is an edutainment media startup. Our products are designed for 3-to-7-year olds and based on a subscription box system.

Each month, families can discover a full educational experience based on arts & craft activities connected to a mobile app. Kids are discovering volcanos, animals, countries thanks to their respective kit.

Who are the founders, how did you meet, what are your different roles in the startup.

We are 26. We are 3 childhood friends. We met when we were 13!
Edouard is leading the product.
Edouard (bis) is leading the brand.
I, Guillaume, lead the marketing.

How was the idea for your startup born?

Pandacraft is our third venture in education, we are passionate about learning in another way: by doing! Pandacraft is for tomorrow’s makers & doers 😉

What is the main problem in education that you aim to solve.

Currently, there is no creativity in education. The only way we learn and discover things is by watching or listening to someone explaining the thing or concept.

We think the best way to learn, discover and explore is through your own experiences. Pandacraft delivers the kit to make it happen 🙂

In which markets / regions are you active. What markets / regions are next.

Kids of French families all over Europe are already using Pandacraft.
In a next step, we are planning on developing for the UK market.

Who is your target audience.

Families with at least one child between 3 and 7 years of age.

Who are your competitors? What sets you apart from them?

Our main competitors are traditional media for kids, mainly in France. But 100% of their product is print, teaching kids to learn how to read.
You have no experience_based learning and no digital component!

To us, it seems crazy that leaders in educational media for kids have been pushing the same product for a century!!!

How do you engage with your target audience. How do you convert them into users of your product.

Thanks to our first free month! Each family can freely try the Pandacraft experience once 🙂

What is your business model. How much does your product / service cost.

The first month is free. After that, it’s 9,90€ a month.

If you raised funding, how much did you raise. Who are your investors. If not, are you planning to raise funding.

We just raised 1M€ with Elaia Partners (Criteo, Sigfox), OTEO Investment, and strategic business angels.

Are there milestones you are especially proud of and would like to share.

The one we are the most proud of is our product. The full creative & digital experience you get for 9,90€ is incredible. Each month we get tens of thousands of WOAOW from kids!

What are the next steps in growing your startup.

Scaling in France, further developing our offer, and launching in the UK.

How can people get in touch with you.

We’ve got an incredible Facebook page. Go and see how many comments and pictures from families we get each day 😉

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Kirsten Winkler

Founder & Editor-in-Chief at EDUKWEST
Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST.