Investment in Digital Infrastructure = EdTech Growth

Last week European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Günther Oettinger stated at the Austrian Alpbach forum that Europe needed to invest an estimated 600 to 700 billion Euros into its digital infrastructure in order to not fall further behind the United States and China.

Oettinger urges that Europe must quickly develop fiber optic networks as well as 5G wireless  in order to stay competitive.

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London requires English Language Test for Uber Drivers

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Uber is facing new trouble in Europe. This time, Public Transport Body for London (TfL) wants to require Uber drivers pass an English language test among other regulations that it originally intended to implement Oct. 1st.

However, Uber has now won the right to take TfL to court in order to challenge these possible new regulations.

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EdTech Startup List: UK

Thanks to access to numerous accelerator programs, angel investors, venture capital and an overall founder-friendly ecosystem the UK is one of the leading technology hubs in Europe. Naturally, edtech startups are attracted to the UK market which is also often used as stepping stone to the even larger US edtech market.


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EdTech Outlook 2016 – Richard Taylor

In this second interview of our EdTech Outlook 2016 series we talked to Richard Taylor, a seasoned edtech entrepreneur and angel investor based in London.

Richard shares his thoughts on the impact of China on the global edtech market, a possible edtech bubble, promising markets as well as trends, like VR and the maker movement.

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Writefull – EdTech Startup Profile

Name: Writefull
Headquarters: London, UK
Vertical: K-12, Higher Education, Lifelong Learning
Tech: Software (Windows, Mac)

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