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EDBRIEF: OpenClassrooms partners with Studialis for State Recognized Online Training

OpenClassrooms, the popular Paris-based e-learning and MOOC platform with 3 million visitors per month, joined forces with Studialis group to launch France’s first fully online training recognized by the state.

The online program “Chef de projet multimédia” qualifies as a so called Bac +3 level and candidates finish with an identical qualification as they would in a brick-and-mortar school.

It is noteworthy that candidates do not require to have the French Bac (A-Levels, qualification to enter university level), but the course is open to anyone and everyone willing to take their chance.

It follows the learn anywhere, anytime approach, and OpenClassrooms claims it to be adaptive in the way that it adjusts to the learner’s individual learning path.

OpenClassrooms estimates the average learner to obtain the certificate within six months. At 300 € / month the entire online training would come to a total of 1,800 €, which OpenClassrooms compares to other professional training courses in France that can cost the learner up to 20,000 €.

Already back in April French President François Hollande announced that from September 15 all job seekers in the country will have free access to all premium services on OpenClassrooms.

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