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EDBRIEF: FutureLearn adds new International Partners

UK-based MOOC platform FutureLearn expands its offering by adding courses from five new international partner universities to the platform.

With Durham University and the University of Manchester FutureLearn adds two new UK partners, and Complutense University of Madrid is the latest addition from continental Europe.
FutureLearn also expands into the Asia-Pacific region partnering with Keio University (Japan) and The University of New South Wales (UNSW Australia).

All new courses, with the exception of UNSW Australia’s course which will be available for learners in October 2015, are expected to be released on the platform in 2016.

FuturLearn last was in the news for their IELTS preparation in partnership with the British Council, claiming it to be the largest MOOC to date.

Besides FutureLearn, popular European MOOC platforms include Germany’s iversity, France’s FUN (France Université Numerique), and OpenClassrooms, a hybrid between online course and MOOC platform.

Despite widely expressed criticism on the effectiveness of MOOCs, the European MOOC scene seems to be healthy and growing.

One trend we clearly see is a push for credibility in the European MOOC movement as all four big platforms seek some form of credentials. The individual approach is different, however. Iversity partnered with the European Commission, FutureLearn teamed up with Pearson VUE, FUN is an initiative by the French government and state funded, and OpenClassrooms, besides having a working business model, just got accreditation from the government for one of its courses.

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