France puts another 8 million Euro into its FUN MOOC project

On January 16th the first MOOCs of France’s platform France Université Numérique officially launched. During a press conference Geneviève Fioraso, France’s minister of higher education and research, shared that over 88.000 people have entered one of the 25 MOOCs offered by FUN.

Ouverture de la plateforme FUN – France… par fr-universite-numerique

On average there are now 3.300 learners per MOOC. The most popular course at the moment is “From manager to leader” with more than 14.000 learners.

Based on this initial success the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research announced that in 2014 another 30 MOOCs are going to launch on France Université Numérique offered by the following group of universities that are going to join the project

  • H.E.C.
  • l’E.N.S. Cachan
  • l’E.N.S. Lyon
  • l’Ecole des Mines d’Alès
  • le groupe INSA
  • Grenoble I.N.P.
  • l’université Joseph Fourier de Grenoble
  • l’université Toulouse 2 Le Mirail
  • l’université de Lorraine
  • l’université de Strasbourg
  • Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
  • l’université Paris Sud

To finance this extension the Ministry will allocate another 8 million Euro in 2014. 5 million Euro will be invested in the creation of MOOCs for vocational training. With the French government fighting high unemployment rates in the country and pledging to create new jobs this surely makes sense. Of course, one might doubt that taking part in a MOOC will lead to a new job but at least those who do won’t appear in the unemployment statistics.

The other 3 million Euro will be invested in the necessary equipment to create the content for MOOCs. The project dubbed “CréaMOOC” is going to provide universities with fully equipped film studios. I wonder if funds for training staff are also included as a studio alone won’t be enough to produce quality content.

“The digital revolution is on the move. It is at one a chance and a challenge for an university in motion. A chance to rethink the creation and transmission of knowledge in an interactive way. A challenge to create an efficient and innovative university that is open towards the world and all the public. Students like employees or job seekers, young or retired.”

says Geneviève Fioraso.

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