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France to deploy 45.000 Tablets in Middle Schools by 2016

During his televised speech for the mid-term of the presidency, French president Hollande announced that at the start of the 2016 school year each of the 45,000 middle-school students (5ème) will receive a tablet and training. The undertaking is called “Plan numérique pour l’école de la République”.

The devices have to be French-made to secure quality, accessibility and service. French IT manufacturer Archos, who already deployed education-focused devices at CFA d’Ile de France, Science Po Aix-en-Provence and the universities in the Centre region, announced a new line of devices which will be presented early this year.

Le Figaro points out that the “plan numérique” is the one thread that unites all French governments, left and right, throughout the past thirty years, from “Informatique pour tous” announced in 1985 to the first connected schools in 1995 and a plan to connect schools in the rural regions from 2009.

For president Hollande, the deployment of tablet devices in schools is not new territory. In 2010, during his term as président du Conseil général de Corrèze, François Hollande spent €1,6 million to provide 2500 students and 800 teachers with iPads.

The “Plan numérique pour l’école de la République” aims to tackle inequality, often called the digital divide, by providing each student with a tablet device. Archos’ devices will offer a three year guarantee, eight hours of autonomy, an adapted storage capacity for educational content, a shock resistant body and will run on Android or Windows.

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