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EdTech Startup List: UK

[Updated: 03/2017]

Thanks to access to numerous accelerator programs, angel investors, venture capital and an overall founder-friendly ecosystem the UK is one of the leading technology hubs in Europe. Naturally, edtech startups are attracted to the UK market which is also often used as stepping stone to the even larger US edtech market.

Lobbying body EdTech UK estimates that there are currently over 1000 edtech startups across the UK with London being the edtech capital of the country and home for about 20% of which.

The education technology sector totaled around £45 billion in 2015 and is poised to grow even further, to an estimated £129 billion by 2020. Only a decade ago Times Higher Education estimated the market at £10 billion. EdTech UK’s Ian Fordham states that education technology already accounts for 4% of all digital businesses in the country.

UK edtech startups also have two major advantages compared to other European edtech markets:

1. Schools are at relative liberty when it comes to spending their budget on education technology. And they are spending about £ 900 million / year on edtech.

2. The UK government heavily endorses edtech, the creation of startups, and its export. It is estimated that UK education exports are worth £17.5 billion / year.


The 230 edtech startups on this list raised over €190 million from over 80 individual investors and VC firms in the past 10 years, with Macat (€30m), Kano ($16.5m), FutureLearn (£13m) and busuu ($11.2m) leading the list.

EdTech Hubs

London is the epicenter of the UK edtech scene. 140 startups on this list are headquartered in the capital. Other edtech hubs in the UK are Edinburgh, Birmingham and Brighton.


The most popular verticals for edtech in the UK are K-12 followed by Higher Education, Language Learning, Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning.

  • K-12: 67
  • Higher Education: 46
  • Language Learning: 22
  • Continuing Education: 17
  • Lifelong Learning: 19

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