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EdTech Startup List: Spain

For this Startup List let us start with the bad news first. EdTech is not playing an as important role in Spain as it does in some other markets in Europe. EdTech lags far behind verticals like ecommerce, leisure and travel.

On the other hand this means that the Spanish EdTech market is a market that still bears lots of potential to grow and improve. And keep in mind that these startups are prone to quickly expand into EdTech markets in South America, a strong region for growth.

And there are of course those startups that want to shape the future of education in Spain through technology. We curated this Startup List to give you insight in the following 70 promising ones along with some major trends we see in the market and some other bullet points to keep in mind.

Of the total 70 EdTech startups featured on this list only 16 of them have secured funding since inception. This is astonishing compared with the around 40% of startups in neighboring France that secured funding.

It is interesting to speculate about the implications here. Does it mean that Spaniards are more likely to become EdTech founders than their French counterparts with no funding at their disposal and are able to survive longer without investor money too? Some of our data certainly points in that direction.

Also, the accessibility of the big Southern American market could play an important role when we think about user numbers and potential revenue. On the other hand, maybe – as France is the more mature EdTech market – money could simply be easier to secure and there are certainly more active business angels and funds currently looking to invest in French EdTech.

That said, the 12 funded Spanish startups have secured a solid €28 million with Aabloo $15m, Tiching €6m, BlueBottleBiz €3.5m, and Floqq €1.1m representing the biggest individual rounds.

When it comes to cities in Spain that are particularly attractive to startup founders and teams there is little surprise that Barcelona (27) and Madrid (22) come in first and second with Valencia (5) making a distant third place.

In terms of verticals we see Language Learning and K-12 solutions lead with 19 startups each respectively. In our opinion, this is one more sign that Spain is still considered to be a nascent market for education technology as founding language tech startups and developing solutions for K-12 is a pattern that we have frequently seen with other EdTech markets worldwide early on. Children (8 startups), Higher Education (6 startups) and Lifelong Learning (5 startups) are the third and fourth most popular verticals in the Spanish EdTech market.

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We also compiled similar lists for other important edtech markets in Europe, namely Germany and the UK. If you have a special interest in language learning across Europe, we have a list for that as well.

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Kirsten Winkler

Founder & Editor-in-Chief at EDUKWEST
Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST.