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EdTech Startup List: Netherlands

For this new EDUKWEST Europe Startup List we mapped 58 EdTech startups that innovate in the education landscape in the Netherlands.

Among these 58 startups 12 have secured funding to the tune of €8.5 million.

The Dutch education technology market is largely focused on the classic branches of K-12, and Higher Education, and to a lesser degree Professional Education as in training solutions for businesses as well as Lifelong Learning. 17 startups on this list offer solutions for the K-12 market, 15 for HigherEd, and 8 offer a combination of both.

Amsterdam is the unchallenged capital of edtech in the Netherlands. Half of the companies on this list are based out of the capital. The city of Utrecht comes in a distant second with six startups, and Rotterdam is the third Dutch edtech city with five startups.

What clearly distinguishes the Dutch edtech market from its neighbors, like France or Germany for instance, is its ease with startups like Stuvia that provide a marketplace for student note sharing and selling. In the United States similar models came quickly under fire for the risk of fostering fraud, but on the other hand also proved to be quite successful in terms of generating revenue, at least for a short period of time.

For the past years the market has cooled down, with Notehall being acquired by Chegg and Luvo (formerly Flashnotes) being shut down without much fanfare.

Purchasing this EDUKWEST Europe EdTech Startup List Netherlands gives you exclusive access to data and insight on 58 EdTech startups.

It includes data on the startup including market, vertical, name of the founder(s), other relevant sources of information such as Crunchbase and AngelList profiles, funding information, and download numbers if publicly available.

We also compiled similar lists for other important edtech markets in Europe, namely Germany and the UK. If you have a special interest in language learning across Europe, we have a list for that as well.

The EdTech Startup List comes in Excel format. Conveniently pay via PayPal or contact us for other payment methods.

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Kirsten Winkler

Founder & Editor-in-Chief at EDUKWEST
Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST.