EdTech Startup List: France

French startup founders have discovered an appetite for EdTech as it seems. For our latest EDUKWEST Europe Startup List we have curated a total of 100 startups that are changing the education landscape in France.

And investors seem to agree with founders that edtech bears lots of potential in the country. Our list features over 50 active investors in the education technology market who have pumped over €63 million in the vertical.

Hence, 40 out of 100 edtech startups featured on this list have already secured funding.

In terms of promising verticals we see optimism all across the playing field.

Of the 100  edtech startups featured, Higher Education startups (26) leads the pack, followed by Lifelong Learning (16), K-12 (15), and Language Learning (14) startups. Further down we find Professional Education (9) being the fifth most popular vertical in France.

An interesting point about French edtech startups is their drive to quickly expand beyond the French domestic market and spread into other European and international markets.

Unsurprisingly, Paris is the unrivaled queen of startup cities in France with the South-Eastern city of Lyon coming in at a distant second place. Of the startups featured on this list 67 are headquartered in Paris whereas seven edtech startups chose Lyon as their base.

In addition to filters including edtech vertical, founding date and investors as well as funding raised, the Startup List France also features user or download numbers for 41 of the 100 startups.

The EDUKWEST Europe EdTech Startup List France is designed with buyers in mind that are interested in analyzing the French edtech market or their competition respectively. It also gives investors access to promising startups in the market that might qualify for future investment.

We also compiled similar lists for other important edtech markets in Europe, namely Germany and the UK. If you have a special interest in language learning across Europe, we have a list for that as well.

The EdTech Startup List comes in Excel format. Conveniently pay via PayPal or contact us for other payment methods.

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Kirsten Winkler

Founder & Editor-in-Chief at EDUKWEST
Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST.