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January 7-10, 2015 The Association for Science Education (ASE) Annual Conference. University of Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

January 12-16, 2015 Learning and Intelligent OptimizatioN (LION 9). Lille, France.

January 21-24, 2015 British Educational Technology Show (BETT): Powering Learning. London, United Kingdom.

January 23-24, 2015 Educa: National Training Event for Educators. Messukeskus Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.

January 27-28, 2015 iLearning Paris Forum, 10th. Espace Champerret, Paris, France.

January 27-29, 2015 LearnTec International Convention and Trade Fair for Educational and Information Technology, 23rd. Karlsruhe, Germany.

January 28-29, 2015 Learning Technologies Conference. Olympia 2, London, United Kingdom.


February 5-7, 2015 World Conference on Educational Sciences (WCES), 7th. Athens, Greece.

February 10, 2015 The National Tutoring Conference. London, United Kingdom.

February 24-28, 2015 Didacta Trade Fair for Education and Training. Hannover, Germany.


March 2-5, 2015 Mobile World Congress. Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain.

March 18-20, 2015 Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA), Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

March 19-21, 2015 The Education Show: Educating and Inspiring Minds. Birmingham, United Kingdom.

March 20-21, 2015 International Conference New Perspective in Science Education, 4th. Florence, Italy.

March 24-26, 2015 E Learning Expo. Paris Porte de Versailles, Paris, France.

March 25-26, 2015 The e-Assessment Question (and computer-supported assessment and qualifications): Innovate, Innovate, Innovate, 13th, annual. London, United Kingdom.


April 8 2015 Education-to-Employment: The Tech behind the Transition. London, United Kingdom.

April 10-12, 2015 Education Entrepreneurs. (formerly Startup Weekend Edu) London, United Kingdom.

April 16, 2015 Emerge Education Accelerator | A Sneak Preview. London, United Kingdom.

April 18-19, 2015 Edtechist International Educational Technology Conference. Istanbul, Turkey.

April 20,2015 Emerge Education Demo Day. (Invite Only) London, United Kingdom.

April 20-22, 2015 Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries (EMTACL). Trondheim, Norway.


May 18-20, 2015 EMOOCs 2015, European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit. Mons, Belgium.


June 2-3 2015 Future Edtech 2015. London, United Kingdom.

June 3-4 2015 La French Touch de l’Education. Paris, France.

June 11 2015 11e Congrès Learning, Talent & Development. Paris, France.

June 15-17 2015 European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW), Teaching Writing across Languages and Cultures, 8th. Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.

June 17 2015 Accelerate EdTech across continents. London, United Kingdom.

June 17-18 2015 VocTEL Conference. Vocational Technology Enhanced Learning. Athens, Greece.

June 18 2015 EdTech Europe 2015. London, United Kingdom.

June 23 2015 EdTech 15. Leeds, United Kingdom.

June 24-25, 2015 International Assessment in Higher Education Conference, 5th. Birmingham, United Kingdom.

June 25 2015 EdTech Enabling the Knowledge Economy. Dublin, Ireland.

June 27 2015 teslabs LIVE. London, United Kingdom.

June 27-30 2015 International Conference on Communities and Technologies, 7th. University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.


July 1-3, 2015 Forum for Access and Continuing Education (FACE) Annual Conference: Closing the Gap – Bridges for Access and Lifelong Learning, 22nd, annual. University of South Wales, Treforest Campus, United Kingdom.

July 1-5, 2015 European Conference on Technology in the Classroom (ECTC). Organized by the International Academic Forum. Thistle Brighton Hotel, Brighton, United Kingdom.

July 5-9, 2015 International Association of Scientific and Technological University Libraries (IATUL): Strategic Partnerships for Access and Discovery, 36th. Organized by the German National Library of Science and Technology. Hannover, Germany.

July 6-8, 2015 Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE) Conference, 20th, annual. Sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania.

July 6-8, 2015 EDULEARN15, 7th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. Barcelona, Spain.

July 9-10, 2015 European Conference on Social Media (ECSM), 2nd. School of Accounting and Administration, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Porto, Portugal.

July 9-11, 2015 International Conference on Learning: What counts as Learning? Big Data, Little Data, Evidence and Assessment, 22nd. Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid, Spain.

July 9-11, 2015 International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education(ICICTE), 15th annual. Kos, Greece.

July 10-12, 2015 British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society (BELMAS) Conference: Democracy – Time for Renewal or Retreat in Educational Leadership. Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom.

July 13-14, 2015 Knowledge Organization – Making a Difference: The Impact of Knowledge Organization on Society, Scholarship and Progress (ISKO-UK), biennial. London, United Kingdom.

July 13-16, 2015 European Conference on Literacy. Klagenfurt, Austria.

July 13-16, 2015 Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy, 5th. Organized by the University of Valencia and the Catholic University of Valencia. University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain.

July 20-21, 2015 Global Studies Conference: Power and Participation in the Age of Big Data, 8th. Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom.

July 20-21, 2015 Google for Education Moonshot Summit. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

July 22, 2015 LEGup summer social. London, United Kingdom.

July 22, 2015 Berlin EdTech Summit 2015. Berlin, Germany.

July 23-24, 2015 International Conference on eBusiness, eCommerce, eManagement, eLearning and eGovernance (IC5E), 2nd. University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom.


August 24-26, 2015 Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE): Teacher Education through Partnerships and Collaborative Learning Communities, 40th. University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland.

August 25-28, 2015 International Workshop on Learning Technology for Education in Cloud (LTEC): Technologies Changing the Way We Teach and Learn – Social Media, MOOC and Big Data, 4th. Maribor, Slovenia.

August 25-29, 2015 European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction, 16th, biennial. Limassol, Cyprus.

August 26-29, 2015 European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL), 22nd. Università di Padova, Padua, Italy.

August 30-September 2, 2015 European Higher Education Society (EAIR) Forum: From Here to There – Positioning Higher Education Institutions, 37th, annual. Danube University Krems, Krems, Austria.

August 31-September 4, 2015 European Science Education Research Association (ESERA), 11th biennial. Helsinki, Finland.

August 31-September 4, 2015 Building research-based MOODLE materials in Maths, Science and CLIL. Benidorm, Spain.


September 1-2, 2015 International Conference on Electronic Publishing (ELPUB): Scale, Openness and Trust – New Avenues for Electronic Publishing in the Age of Infinite Collections and Citizen Science, 19th. University of Malta, Malta.

September 4-8, 2015 International Conference on Education, Research and Development, 6th. Elenite Holiday Village, Elenite, Bulgaria.

September 7-11, 2015 European Conference on Educational Research (ECER): Education and Transition – Contributions from Educational Research. Organized by the European Educational Research Association. University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary.

September 13-16, 2015 Education, Curricula and Research Methods (ECRM). Lodz, Poland.

September 15-17, 2015 British Educational Research Association (BERA) Annual Conference, 40th. Queen’s University, Belfast, North Ireland.

September 15-18, 2015 European Association for International Education (EAIE): A Wealth of Nations, 27th annual. Glasgow, United Kingdom.

September 15-18, 2015 European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL), 10th. Toledo, Spain.

September 16-18, 2015 International Conference on e-Learning e-Education and Online Training (eLEOT), 2nd. Novedrate, Italy.

September 16-18, 2015 VS-Games: International Conference on Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications, 7th. Hosted by the University of Skövde, Skövde, Sweden.

September 20-15, 2015 International Conference on Chemistry Education (ICCE) and the Environment. Leipzig, Germany.

September 22, 2015 EdTech Pitching Night. Helsinki, Finland.

September 23-25, 2015 International Conference on Smart Learning Environments (ICSLE), 2nd. Sponsored by the International Association of Smart Learning Environments (IASLE). Sinaia, Romania.

September 24, 2015 M&A in education: trade & private equity perspectives. London, UK.

September 29-30, 2015 World of Learning Conference and Exhibition, 23rd. Birmingham, United Kingdom.


October 1-3, 2015 International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education (IASCE): Cooperative Learning – Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century. Odense, Denmark.

October 2, 2015 Disruptors -The Future of Education: Does the Current Model Make the Grade? London, UK

October 8-9, 2015 European Conference on Game Based Learning (ECGBL), 9th. Steinkjer, Norway.

October 22, 2015 Digital Education – Higher Education: France, the United Kingdom and Overseas #DigitalEducationUKFR Paris, France.

October 28-30, 2015 International Association of Universities (IAU) International Conference: Internationalization of Higher Education – Moving beyond Mobility. University of Siena, Siena, Italy.

October 31 – November 1, 2015 Digital ELT Ireland 2015. Dublin, Ireland.


November 12-13, 2015 International Conference on ICT for Language Learning, 8th. Florence, Italy.

November 19, 2015 Ed tech: Driving industry growth and innovation. London, UK.

November 25 2015 E-Learning Awards 2015. London, United Kingdom.


December 2, 2015 Speexx Exchange – Reality Check. Berlin, Germany.

December 2-4, 2015 The Largest Global E-Learning Conference, 21st Online Educa Berlin. Berlin, Germany.

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  • Edtechist is an International Educational Technology Conference which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey between the dates 17th-18th-19th April, 2015. The conference will be a meeting place for school leaders, teachers, educational technology specialists, anyone with an interest in educational technology.

    Edtechist is looking forward to be a platform for discussion, networking, inspiration and information sharing. You are invited to join the event to transform teaching and learning with internationally prominent technology leaders and enthusiasts about educational technology