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EDBRIEF: Pearson partners with Photo Community Scoopshot

Photo and video crowdsourcing app Scoopshot announced a partnership with education publisher Pearson.

Pearson aims to crowdsource visual content for its different publications that is produced by millenials for millenials. Scoopshot has over 600,000 users across the world who can work on tasks using the mobile app on iOS or Android.

With Scoopshot journalists, bloggers, or companies like Pearson can easily setup tasks and select pictures and videos at a fraction of the cost of professional photographers. In a trial, Pearson used the service to crowdsource pictures of monuments and landmarks that were not easily available on stock photo marketplaces.

Photographers who participate in a task and are chosen by the remitter get paid directly via PayPal. Singing up and using the app is free for photographers, companies that want to use the platform to crowdsource content have to pay an annual fee.

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