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Interview: Filling the Tech Skills Gap – Raffaela Rein CareerFoundry

One of the biggest challenges startups and established companies in the digital and tech sector face today is finding skilled workers to fill open positions. The so called “skills gap” has lead to over 1 million open positions in Europe alone.

Berlin-based CareerFoundry offers three-to-six-months online courses which teach tech skills, like web and user experience design. A fresh round of venture capital will now allow CareerFoundry to expand into new verticals including marketing and mobile design.

We took the opportunity and sat down with CareerFoundry co-founder Raffaela Rein to talk about the skills gap, coding classes for kids and minorities in tech.

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European MOOCs focus on Quality, US MOOCs on Cost – Interview with iversity’s Hannes Klöpper

iversity which had started as a “collaboration network for academia” back in 2008 soon pivoted to become one of the emerging European MOOCs. And though the German startup cannot compete with the massive funding rounds of US-based platforms like Coursera, Udacity or edX, iversity’s co-founder and CMO Hannes Klöpper sees some distinct differences that give European MOOCs advantages in their local markets.

As iversity is currently working on the launch of its 10 MOOC Fellowship courses, I wanted to catch up with Hannes and see where iversity is headed in the coming months.

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Interview: How ed-invent is putting Teachers at the Heart of Edtech

One of the fastest growing verticals in the education space besides MOOCs is probably the edtech incubator / accelerator. Those programs offer training and mentorship, sometimes office space and other perks, in return for some equity in the startup.

Lately, more and more of the established brands in the education space got into this space launching their own programs. Our supporter Macmillan Digital Education, a hybrid between incubator and investor, is one example, Pearson and Kaplan have both launched their initiatives just recently. Continue reading Interview: How ed-invent is putting Teachers at the Heart of Edtech