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Babble Planet becomes Pili Pop – launches iPhone App

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Pili Pop (formerly Babble Planet) is a Paris-based startup that specializes in creating applications for young learners in the ESL space. The first version of their app for iPad showed some promising traction. With 50.000 downloads in 37 countries and 1.5 million English words mastered.

The app offers a variety of games in which the kids can test their skills. It also has a voice recognition feature that takes care of the pronunciation. I think the team did a great job in terms of design and the choice of different activities that take the learner on a trip around the world which also adds some cultural aspects to the learning.

With the relaunch, Pili Pop is now targeting the South Korean market, helping children there to learn English by overcoming the fear to speak out loud which is a common phenomenon in the Asian ESL market.

Press Release:

The award-winning Pili Pop (formerly known as Babble Planet) is now available to download on iPhone following its success on iPad! The app transforms traditional learning methods and puts the fun into learning spoken English! With its speech recognition games and charming graphics, Pili Pop is the first educational game that will truly inspire your child to actively SPEAK English.

Since its pre-release, Pili Pop was downloaded 50 000 times in 37 countries around the world and helped kids master 1.5 million words.

– Pili Pop for iPhone is available for 2.99$ at the following address:
– Pili Pop for iPad is available for 4.99$ at the following adress:

We help children make the most of their amazing abilities to learn languages. Listening and speaking skills are the most important elements to master when learning a new language. Unlike current English learning apps for children, Pili Pop focuses solely on the child’s natural potential to learn new sounds, basing all games on expression and listening comprehension.

Pili Pop utilizes speech recognition technology to perfect pronunciation. Children are asked to repeat words by speaking into the device in fun expression games. The app then evaluates the child’s pronunciation in order for them to improve. These skills are then contextualized into a little challenge in which the child, for example, can help with the groceries by pronouncing the food items correctly. This process ensures children receive a deep understanding of each word they learn, vital for true memorization.

“Our child plays Pili Pop day after day, looks like she’s in love with this amazing app!” Hugo – Parent of a Pili Pop fan Motivation is key to successful learning. Children’s curiosities ignite as they travel across the world and explore creative and unique games. The child could be helping the Japanese historian distinguish family members in old photographs one moment and then be uncovering Aztec paintings in Mexico the next. “We give children the right balance of fun, incentives and encouragement to stay self-motivated and actually enjoy learning English on a daily basis,” notes Eugene Ernoult, co-founder of Pili Pop. “So much so that children do not even realise that they are immersed in an English-speaking world.”

Content is selected by English learning experts. Pili Pop has been designed with the support of professional language teachers and adheres to the common European reference framework for languages.

Pili Pop’s awards to date (formerly known as Babble Planet):

● Winner of the Parents Choice 2013
● Le Mobile 2013 Public Choice Winner
● 2nd prize of the Appsfire App Star Awards 2012
● Participated in the second season of Le Camping, the best French startup accelerator

About Pili Pop Labs

Pili Pop Labs is a Paris-based educational startup aiming to revolutionize the way children learn languages by combining new technologies and education. Created by Elsa Prieto (Developer, Gobelins), Soiny Duval (Graphic designer, Gobelins), and Eugene Ernoult (Business development, ESSCA), Pili Pop Labs build thrilling language-learning apps for children between 3 and 12 that focus on interactional design and self-motivation.

Press links:

Pili Pop trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSmECgLiMpk


Mary McCormack
Marketing Assistant
+ 33 1 44 88 57 73

Eugene Ernoult
+33 6 21 59 35 63
Skype ID: e_ernoult
Twitter : twitter.com/e_ernoult

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